Transforming The Poppy Project’s Online Presence

Charity Website Donated by Evolve project

Auburn Hills, MI


EVOLVE Skills Used

  • B2C
  • eCommerce
  • Wordpress


  • Charity


  • WooCommerce Website

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Project Description


At Evolve Websites, we take pride in helping small businesses leverage internet technology to improve their operations. We recently had the pleasure of working with The Poppy Project, a heartfelt initiative founded by Brad and Ilona Lukas, to create a custom website design in WordPress.

Client Background

The Poppy Project was founded in memory of Brad and Ilona’s daughter, Poppy Angelika Lukas, after the couple experienced a tragic loss. The organization aims to bring something positive out of a difficult situation and keep their daughter’s name alive.

Project Purpose

The primary goal of the project was to expand The Poppy Project’s fundraising reach and elevate the quality of their brand. To achieve this, our team of web design experts focused on creating a responsive, user-friendly website.

Project Type

We began by using Figma to design the website, which was then coded into HTML5 and CSS. After receiving approval from the client, our team at Evolve Websites integrated the design into WordPress.

Challenge: Unique Fundraising Functionality

The client wanted a unique fundraising functionality that allowed users to sponsor “bricks” on a page to memorialize their loss. This posed a challenge, as it required a custom solution to meet their specific needs.

Solution: WooCommerce and Custom Code

Our team at Evolve Websites utilized WooCommerce and custom code to create a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website that improved the overall user experience. By implementing this unique fundraising functionality, we were able to meet the client’s challenge and deliver a high-quality website that aligned with their vision.


The collaboration with The Poppy Project showcases Evolve Websites’ commitment to helping small businesses and organizations leverage internet technology to achieve their goals. Our expertise in web design and content marketing has allowed us to create a positive impact for our clients, and we look forward to continuing to help businesses evolve and thrive in the digital world.

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