Evolve Websites Delivers Strong Branded Web Presence for SANTeam IT Support

SANTeam WordPress design project

Denve, CO


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Project Description

At Evolve Websites, we love helping small businesses improve their online presence through strategic web design and development. When SANTeam IT Support approached us to design a website for their IT Managed Services company, we were excited to take on the challenge of creating a strong branded web presence for them.

About the Client

SANTeam IT Support is an IT Managed Services company that leverages an agile team of experienced IT architects and implementers to design and deliver the best possible solutions to their clients. While they had grown by word of mouth and referrals, they had never had a website and needed a strong online presence to expand their marketing reach.

The Project Scope

The project was to design and deliver a custom WordPress solution for SANTeam, an IT Managed Services company, to create a strong branded web presence.

The purpose of the project was to create a website that would allow SANTeam to expand its marketing reach and provide a compelling user experience for its clients. However, there was a challenge – SANTeam had very little existing content or digital assets to work with.

The Challenge

It is always a challenge to build a website from scratch when the client has very little existing content or digital assets. However, at Evolve Websites, we love a challenge and were ready to create a custom solution for SANTeam.

What Was the Solution?

To overcome the challenge of creating a website with limited content and digital assets, Evolve Websites created a style guide for the new website. We then used WordPress and custom design to create a beautiful website that would provide a compelling user experience for SANTeam’s clients.

By working closely with the client and understanding their brand, Evolve Websites was able to deliver a website that was both beautiful and functional. The website design and development process was seamless, with our team working closely with SANTeam to ensure that the final product met all their requirements.

Overall, the project was a success, and we are proud to have helped SANTeam IT Support create a strong branded web presence. If you’re looking to improve your online presence, we’d love to hear from you!

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